Project Description

Adapting Linear Organisations to Exponential Developments:

Disruptive technologies radically break with the paradigm of existing technological and organisational capabilities. Disruptive technologies provide huge transformational power with, potentially, massive effects on society as a whole and security in particular, both positive and negative. Many of the disruptive technologies in today’s dynamic world, the so-called platform technologies, fundamentally affect the way people connect and work together, even if no previous relationship existed, even if they don’t get to know another. Embracing these technologies may provide organisations a crucial competitive advantage over peers who do not possess these disruptive capabilities. In the security domain, disruptive technology in the context of hybrid warfare and asymmetric adversaries poses a huge challenge to the relatively slowly adapting national defence organisations (NDO’s).

In this highly interactive breakout session we use immersion techniques to understand how disruptive technologies create both game-changing opportunities for an utopian world and substantial risks and threats to our rapidly evolving dystopian security environment. We draw from insights in the corporate domain and discuss what best practices and lessons learned may also apply to the security ecosystems. Then we assess how these defence & security ecosystems could deal with the impact of disruption, from the technological, the organisational, the human and the operational perspective. We do this by using both the utopian and the dystopian world view.

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Breakout sessions
Time & Location
Thursday 10.30 – 13.00 (Oceania Foyer)
Friday 10.30 – 13.00 (Oceania Foyer)
World Forum, The Hague


Jeroen de Jonge
Jeroen de JongeBusiness Director TNO
Frank Wammes
Frank WammesCTO at Application Services Continental Europe Capgemini
Dr. Jan Willem Burgers
Dr. Jan Willem BurgersGlobal Blockchain Practise, Lead Europe at Capgemini
Jaap Lombaers
Jaap LombaersInnovation Director at TNO
René de Jongh
René de JonghStrategy Director at Thales Netherlands
Ana Barros
Ana BarrosPrincipal scientist at TNO
Rick Meessen
Rick MeessenPrincipal Advisor Defence and Security at TNO
Agnes Dinkelman
Agnes DinkelmanSocial Engineer at Stillare
Daan Noort
Daan NoortPrincipal scientist at TNO
Adelbert Bronkhorst
Adelbert BronkhorstPrincipal Scientist at TNO
Michael Kolenbrander
Michael KolenbranderGlobal Blockchain Practice, Solution Architect at Capgemini